Friday, August 11, 2006

Problem with his uterus?

This just in from former world champ, Oscar Friere. Offering a reason for some dizziness he's experienced recently, he said:

"Ever since I've abandoned the Tour I haven't felt very well at all. I have dizzy spells and I have headaches," Freire told the Diario Vasco. "I went to the doctor and initially they told me it might be vertigo. Later they told me it could a cervical syndrome. The problem is that I have to ride with care when I am on the bike to not crash and give myself a breakdown."

I'm confused. I didn't realize men have cervixes. Causes me to question all the biology I was ever taught. I guess I oughta get on the horn with my doc to schedule a Pap smear. Can't be too careful!!

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