Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Big 'Toona

Complete post in short order.

Short(est) story...pulled off a 'w' for stage two and a 6th in the overall GC (Cat. IV, of course). Felt strong every step of the way.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vino Collapso

Borrowing from Phil Liggett's commentary a few years back. Then, however, he said, "Not quite Vino collapso." Now we can just lop off the 'not quite' and be done with it. (BTW...maybe Steven can confirm the term's Scottish origin.)

I hate to rush to judgment, but...this is just sickening. I can only imagine the first excuse will be from a doctor. He'll say, "Vino suffered some massive blood loss during his crashes. A transfusion was the only option to keep him going." It sure kept him going, eh?

Friday, July 06, 2007

Judd's Preliminary

1. Vino
2. Levi
3. Valverde
4. Evans
5. Menchov
6. Sastre
7. Moreau
8. Kloden
9. Schleck
10. Popo

Green: Boonen
Polka: Rasmussen
White: Dekker

In the wings: Rogers, Karpets, Beltran

Rob's Preliminary

1. Vino
2. Levi
3. Menchov
4. Kloden
5. Evans
6. Moreau
7. Kashenchkin
8. Sastre
9. Contador
10. Pereiro
Green - McEwen
Polkadot - Moreau

The Rules

Choose the top ten.

1 point for each rider in the top ten.
Additional 3 points for each correct podium placing.
Additional 2 points for a correct placing in the top 4-10.
5 points for the yellow jersey.
3 points for points jersey.
3 points for mountain jersey.
3 points for white jersey.
47 total possible points.