Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Crash and Burn

Hit the deck yesterday. Ouch. Took the turn coming off the one-lane bridge at Glen and S. Glen a little too hot. Combine that with a little more dirt/gravel than normal at that intersection and...BLAM! Feeling 30 mph of pain this morning. I'm badly bruised on the left side and am sporting some nasty cuts on my left knee and arm. As for the 'burn' in this entry's title, it's a relevant verb because it's what I felt when I doused the wounds with peroxide post-shower last night and it's also what the road left on my left crelbow. It's incredible how skimming the road surface can abrase the skin to a burned state. Yuck. Maybe I'll be able to post some photo evidence in the coming days.

Never mind my injuries. Let's talk about the bike. I was on the Ritchey. She got tossed around pretty dramatically. Shifters are bruised and battered and the bars and stem should be replaced. Otherwise, it'll take some time on the trainer (my improvised work stand) to figure out if there's any other mechanical damage. It's always sad to see the machine suffer. Can you hear its desperate moans?

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gwadzilla said...

looking for an archive dealing with that section of road

here is one archive

let me see if I can find a better one

never seen the Reefer Madness out there
I am sure it is there

a better archive