Thursday, March 01, 2007

2 Amys Buzz!

You heard it here first...2 Amys is expanding!

We were there last night and saw a 'Change of Operations' notice posted in the front window. It mentioned expansion to a second level. I talked to our waitress and found out some details.

The owners bought space upstairs. The plan is to shift the first floor bar to the new upstairs space. The downstairs bar space will become expanded seating. Upstairs, there'll be a new bar and additional seating. Our waitress noted the upstairs should be more mellow and quiet and spacious. Most importantly, in my mind, the upstairs is slated to be adults only!! No shrieking children allowed. For some of us, that's a relief. The approximate seating gain is 30...from 90 seats to 120 seats. They expect to open the space in three months, but our waitress said construction hasn't started and the timeline seems too ambitious. I tend to agree with that assessment.

Anyhow...maybe it'll be a little easier to get a table after they expand.

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