Friday, July 06, 2007

Judd's Preliminary

1. Vino
2. Levi
3. Valverde
4. Evans
5. Menchov
6. Sastre
7. Moreau
8. Kloden
9. Schleck
10. Popo

Green: Boonen
Polka: Rasmussen
White: Dekker

In the wings: Rogers, Karpets, Beltran

1 comment:

JB said...

yer crazy... Levi 2nd? No way.
1. Vino (unless he gets popped).
2. Valverde (ditto)
3. sleeper pick: Moreau

Most important and coolest jersey:

White: Some guy named Schleck - is he too old? Sleeper pick: Bernhard Kohl. I'm such a homer

Polka: not sure I care. Some anorectic dude. Rasmussen?