Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Corporate Brand-ing

See this post for my previous take on corporate tattoos.

Thought I'd mention my most recent sighting of this absurd practice. Was at Whole Foods Monday afternoon. SVR was checking us out at the register and I was tasked with returning the cart to the cart pen. Passing the produce section, I spotted a woman sporting the rolled over waistband, clam-digger style, sweatpant/yoga pant/fashion pajama pants. She had an 'edgy' look about her. Coupla tattoos on the shoulder and arms. She was walking ahead of me and I also noticed a tat' in the, ahem, 'tramp stamp' zone. Was it a butterfly? No. Was it a dragonfly? No. Was it Chinese characters? No. Was it 'Thug Life?' No. At first I thought my eyes were deceiving me. It looked a bit like...well, an apple. Further scrutiny and I noticed the apple had a bite missing. Woah!! Gal had the apple corporate logo tattooed on her friggin' back! Bold moves, they happen every day. Whose corporate now?!?!

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