Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Training Kick-Off!!!

My PowerAgent 7.4.5 software indicates the last time I rode my bicycle was Dec. 20th. Whiga-what???!!! Bad news. Bad news.

Getting dressed this morning, I went to put on my belt. Tried for the hole I used for the past ten, maybe fifteen, years. Couldn't quite get there without generating uncomfortable constriction. No biggie. I thought I could just back it out one hole. No dice. Still too tight. I had to step one hole further back and swallow my pride. So here I am, a month off the bike, experiencing my first significant weight gain since college.

SVR observed this whole ordeal and said, "You're going into work early and we're having leftovers for dinner so you don't have to cook this evening. Come home from work and get on your friggin' trainer!" Tough love. After that tongue lashing, I decided she was right. Let the games begin.

Home by 4:15PM, I was actually pretty amped to see where things see how far I'd really fallen. Last weekend's squash outing confirmed I'm pretty dang out of shape. I came away from that match with several things broken, my racket (see below) and my pride. Time for some redemption.

Twenty-four days without any attention tends to leave bicycle tires slightly deflated (kinda like my ego was after the ass whooping I received on the squash court), so step one in my comeback was to pump up the Cannondale's tires. Easier said than done. After the the Capital Cross Classic, I left my bicycle pump in Matty D.'s trunk. A bunch of random shit caused it to end up on Capitol Hill during the recent snow storm. Last time I was at Matt's, the pump was still on the Hill, so he loaned me his secondary pump to use in the meantime. So I set things up to pump up the tires and...pfffffffft. Something is totally effed with the head of the pump and it pretty much bled my rear tire of most air and won't assist with reinflation efforts. A case of stagflation? Maybe not. Anyhow...2010 training kick off? FAIL! I guess I coulda busted out some CO2 or the ol' mini-pump. I didn't.

I ate Belgian chocolate instead. Hey, at least it was Belgian.


JB said...

you had a mini pump and did not use it?

SVR will kick your ass.

layzeesusan said...


Would've meant FINDING the mini-pump. No idea where that thing is hiding. Of course, in 750 s.f., it can't be too out of reach!

I dunno. Now that I've put on this weight, I might be able to give her a run for her money.

Kyle said...

My money's on the lady. I'll support any effort you make, but you're going to need more than some love handles to overcome a wife you didn't listen to.

Ian said...

You, me and hill repeats tomorrow. Maybe I might actually beat you. Although I am 10 pounds over racing weight right now, but that is 5% on me and 10% on you so I will take it. Lets go.