Monday, August 13, 2007

Tri-hawk Confusion

Apparently, my lack of follow through has caused my Grandma some confusion. Long ago, I promised an entry describing and showing a newly discovered, fashion-forward, blow the Euros away hair-do. I never made good on the offer and didn't realize my actions would have such major repercussions.

And so here is a photo of the style I call the tri-hawk. Though the faux-hawk still seems a bit radical in the U.S., I think this look steps it up a whole level...maybe two. Check it:

That one's for you, Grandma.


SVR said...

Are you sure this isn't more aptly named the 'horn hawk' - as your hair makes you look a bit like you have horns growing out of your head.

Anonymous said...

... well, at least you have hair.