Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Remember This???

I'm a stubborn bastard. That's for sure. Any sane person would've taken this incident to heart and done something definitive to prevent future malfunction. Not me. Lazy (note the blog name) and mechanically dumb.

The Tacchino course is the kinda course that makes me squirm with glee. Only catch, it's bumpy as heck. Kinda like my washboard abs. Or not. In any case, seems the courses suited to my strengths are the ones that also like to shake my chain loose. Again, see this report.

After five dropped chains this past Sunday, I had to excuse myself. Pretty disappointing, but so was having to dismount twice a lap to fix my chain. Beyond that hiccup, the fitness was surprisingly okay. The field was similar to DCCX, the course was slightly less technical, and I saw a top five within the 'crosshairs (pun...intended...absolutely) after another front row start. The 'cross season has been a bit of a bummer, but I also haven't devoted time, energy, and fitness to it. The DCCX result was encouraging and another decent result on a course I really like would've been slightly redeeming. I guess that'll have to wait.

This coming weekend...Race Pace. I won the C race there last year. Must be another course I like. I remember some sweet power sections and some good run-ups I managed to ride. I'm psyched to see how I fare in the B race. But that will have to wait until next year. This weekend will find me scoping the scene in Boise.

I'm turning over a new leaf on many fronts, so I hope to update here much more regularly.

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