Friday, February 29, 2008

Bound for Hollywood!

Though my acting career fizzled in '91, I'm still following my dreams and heading to Hollywood. My dreams at this point consist of a respite from the 20 degree weather 'round here. And so it will be. Hollywood, FL, here I come!!

Rocked a tough trainer session last night. Z5 stuff. Sweat out half my body weight. I'm pretty bummed to have to hang up the cleats for the next four days, as I'm feeling on a good trajectory. Feeling like I must keep the hard efforts up to be ready for racing in two weeks. Maybe four days off will yield an even deeper drive when I return to DC next week.

Truth is, I should probably ship the Ritchey down to Florida so I have something to ride when I visit my parents. The bike would probably see more use that way. As it stands, it's collecting dust in G'burg. If I can't sell it, I might as well use it...even if that's once or twice a year.

On the dining front...the trip will include a visit to some old favorites. We've been going to Wagon's West for at least 25 years. Not surprisingly, they have no Interweb presence, otherwise I'd post a link. Needless to say...some of the best down home b'fast in the universe. Yes, the universe.

We'll also hit Joe's Stone Crab. Miami institution with a classic and straightforward menu. 'tis the season for succulent crabs. These creatures are a bit of magic. In the wild, they exhibit autotomy. So they can amputate their own claws. Further, if (and when) harvesters de-claw the crabs, they still grow back the amputated limb! And so we can eat these guys with a little less guilt. Lyonnaise potatoes, anyone?

Hoping to make Tradezone next weekend. I should be hard to miss...fat and crispy.


Robb said...

you're from miami? this explains all the gayness.

JB said...

sounds nice. have fun!