Friday, February 08, 2008

Zoning In or Zoning Out???

As mentioned, I've had the ol' power meter since some time in October. It has been a lot of fun to use and toy with. Ultimately, it's a pretty expensive tool to just "toy" with. I know I've been mistreating it as a thing to play with and not using it to become a better and more powerful cyclist. Part of that problem was not having baseline measurements to make the tool useful and productive. I'm happy to say, "Those days are gone!"

Winter training has been unsteady and say the least. This past year, I came to lean heavily on my coach for variety and specificity in the training. I've been a bit passive these last few weeks with my feedback and it was starting to show in my motivation and enthusiasm. I think it's fair to say, "We're back!"

I sucked up a twenty minute threshold test last night. Brutal stuff. And not pretty to watch, I'm sure. While not overjoyed with the results, it's a good enough starting point. JB was quick to turn around the full slate of zones, so now training can begin in earnest. I have to say, I think having my clear zones is gonna offer a new lease on life, er, cycling. I know it's late in the winter season, but hopefully the timing is right for me to put the numbers to good use and be moderately ready for the racing season. Time will tell.

Ooooh. Before I forget. I saw Mr. Puma in the gym last night. This time he was actually sporting some Puma apparel. That's the confirmation I needed to know he's a loyal customer and not just some weirdo with a random corporate tattoo. Oh, wait. Loyal customer or not, he's still a weirdo with a corporate tattoo!

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