Monday, July 21, 2008


Here's why I don't turn to mainstream American news outlets (did I really just call Yahoo! a news outlet?) for Tour coverage. I think profanity is the only reasonable response. This guy is a total dip-shit. Really. Wow! If you click through, I hope the hundreds of responses/comments are still viewable. Many of the respondents write well and make solid arguments against Johnson's piece. Some respondents sound about as moronic as Johnson, but still get the gist.

To sum up, I tend to agree with the general point that Americans would be absolutely flabbergasted (and would then spiral into a disgusting state of denial) by what proper and aggressive doping controls in the major leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, etc.) would yield. Would we stand to have the Super Bowl and NBA play-offs put on hold for two years if stringent testing revealed a handful of cheaters? Naht bloody lahkley!! But somehow a total douche like this Johnson joker gets his drivel published on Yahoo!

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John P. said...

Yep. I've seen a few articles like this over the last week. The media is in a really sad state these days. I've been working with the networks now (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS) for over 15 years now and know first hand how it's run and the type of people working inside it.

Imagine if they tested in (Insert your sport here) like they do in cycling what would happen.

Just pathetic.