Tuesday, July 08, 2008


All my years on the bike, I've feared that moment when a squirrel would get caught somewhere (front wheel, rear wheel, chain ring, chain, etc.) in my bike. Well...it finally happened.

6AM. Gorgeous weather. Starting my ride and rolling down Idaho toward Cathedral (rolling at about 20 mph), a squirrel darted out of nowhere and I didn't even see it before it was wrapped up in my front wheel. I probably broke its neck, but the bladed spokes somehow didn't cut it open. It flopped around in my wheel once or twice before it kicked out, went flying in the air, and landed on my right thigh. Then it fell to the ground. I shrieked like a 12 year old girl. Holy crap. Quite a start to the morning. I feel lucky I didn't hit the deck and injure myself. The sqoil, however, was not that lucky.

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Kyle Jones said...

That is so funny. A great mid day laugh was needed. I am afraid I would have acted the same way. I am a wuss with that stuff.